Enjoying California's parks and deserts for generations to come

I just came across an LA Times article called “Protect California’s Desert”. They do need protecting and you can help.

I have been backpacking, camping, and hiking in the parks of California for over 40 years. I have responded to requests to make comments on final management plans for these parks. In the past that was a lot of very large books being sent to me for various parks. This was great because I was able to use my extensive personal history from visiting the parks in making my constructive comments to these agencies. I feel that I have done my responsibility as a citizen of California and our nation in making these responses and leaving no damage to the parks when I left.


The referenced article is about our 10 million acre use of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) master management plan. This is a lot of area in the California desert. If you know the area and enjoy it as much as I do, then please make your thoughts known to government officials. This master plan affects grid electrical use which is tied to global warming, mining, desert animals, historic treasures, park views , development, noise issues for the local communities involved, and of course the use of the land itself. These plans get refreshed at different time intervals, but what is decided has a long term affect and if you can make constructive comments it really helps. Be active, it is your responsibility in our free nation.

This land is set aside for the purpose of permanent preservation. We need to keep it that way. Make your views known to your representatives and the park system.