We make it happen! We get the job done. We have invested in a great deal of education and research in our almost 30 years of business. With the knowledge we have on so many types of projects, it has given us the tools to respond to a tremendous amount of opportunity. We have learned to communicate with all of our clients enabling us to get the job done. To accomplish the completion of a built project JHAI functions as the designer, the project manager, and the businessman. Each of these is independently required to pull off a built project while meeting client goals. Our level of success is close to 100%, not counting projects put on hold by clients.

Our vision of which teams to put together on each project is critical. We have a team of design consultants ready to assist us on our projects. This is integral to achieving a successful project. Ultimately the final choice is always our clients. Our job is to point the way, gather the team, develop the design, schedule the meetings in the proper time frame, receive timely approvals from our clients, consultants, community, and all the public agencies required to green light a project.

JHAI will continue to be on the team assisting with construction bids and the administration of the construction process. The general contractors like us because we respond to their requests as part of an integrated team facilitating the timely completion of construction. This is how JHAI accomplishes "meeting our client’s goals".