Is Civilization Natural?

As we enter the Anthropocene Era we need to re-think our actions on Earth.

Human activity represents a principle driver of planetary changes. It's a question that has more than academic importance. How we resolve this split may have a lot to do with our chances for creating a technological society that can last for more than a century or so. That's because the Anthropocene is really the "Age of the City."

Some 8,000 years ago, we lived on the farm or the country. We could sustain ourselves of the land, ourselves. The city and nature are the Yin and Yang of human experience. When our human populations moved into the city the rules of living outside of the city and within the city changed. As a society we are catching up to what the new paradigm will be. It is "us" who need to make the new rules and enforce them!

For me, I have a divided emotional response to this day and age. I love the freedom to move in my own direction. My other love is for the people I share the planet with. As I reinforce my freedoms, I also want to increase the freedom and options for the less fortunate. It is a real struggle balancing each of these actions in relation to all you hear and see happening and forecast on our planet. As a citizen of Earth and an Architect I think I can affect change as I have in the past.

The built environment can be used to support the natural cycle of life we so choose. From original community planning and through individual projects, each has a role to play in the paradigm shift. Building materials and the projects they are specified on all have a major role to play. What, why, when, and who makes these choices is still open for discussion. But you need to know what options are out there for your personal choices. Staying informed in this time of change makes it easier for you to decide on how, where you live, and work.

Remember to vote!! Your elected officials make the changes you are pushing for.