Why The Rich Are Rattled

I believe in the fair and equitable ability of people in America to make money. It is what helps motivate. But the 1% are not the very rich I’m talking about. It is the .01% that worries me. The fair distribution of dollars in this country needs a better method of wealth distribution. Selling items or services that make up the bulk of one’s profits probably show and or sell at a lower price point reducing costs and limiting the major wealth generators a degree or more. The taxes on the extremely wealthy can climb to help offset this wealth gap. The giant pools of inherited wealth can be taxed in a more reasonable method. In other words huge profits are derived from capital gains, stock dividends, and other related business investment gains. The very wealthy are making their money also on investing their money to make even more. Higher incomes allow one to invest even more. This helps exacerbate the income inequality. There are many options to the way we are living now.

I do not want the 99.99% of our population to get too far removed for the fair and equitable distribution of wealth. There will be a breaking point. I do not want history to repeat itself. I hope the USA stands the test of time as a new democracy. As of 2010, the top 1% of total income earners has surged to 54% from 33.5% in 1979. The bottom earners have reduced to 22.9 % while the middle group slid to 23%. We all know the loopholes, government policies, and the job market have all contributed to this new reality. The gap is widening at break neck speed. The tax system favors the wealthy. The wealthier you are the more you a favored. Is it greed or poor work ethics of the 99%?

We do not need to raise taxes to do this. All we need is a fair method of wealth distribution. What we have now is inequality for almost all our citizens. The concentration of wealth threatens our democratic society. All we need to do is adjust the tax rates to slow the increase in wealth of a few people and entities with many corporate structures. The more dollars you have the easier it is to make even more. This being true, you would think we would adjust our system enough to make a difference.

I believe distributed wealth is better for our society.