Trust: The belief that someone or something has integrity, is reliable, good, honest and effective.

This is a big deal when it comes to choosing an Architect. We here at JHAI want you to know we have your best interests in mind when designing your project.

Years ago I was brought into a construction claim mediation hearing (first and only time) as a witness for both sides of the claim. This revolved around a condominium Home Owners Association who hired a Property Management Company and a General Contractor. The claim was between the General Contractor (GC) and the Property Management Company (PM). All 3 parties trusted me to hold their negotiating strategies private. The court appointed judge gave me my instructions and then also trusted that I could help in resolving the issues. I met with each side privately and together. I had no idea what the conflict was going into this witness/mediator position as the Architect for the job. Their dispute had nothing to do with the construction. It was a personal issue.

As I listened to all the parties it turned out the Owner of the PM had a legal issue that was brought to light in an application for the GC which affected the GC's ability to provide services to another company. The issues were totally un-related. As I determined, all the issues discussed were unrelated to each other and it was just a case of un-intended consequences that were affecting the GC. In the end an apology by the PM to the GC was all that was necessary. If everyone could have talked freely and openly, there probably would not have been a law suit.

The court appointed arbitrator acknowledged to all that it was not normal for a witness, to both sides, to be used as the assistant arbitrator. The judge also acknowledged that I performed my role exemplary and helped greatly in the settlement. Listening to what the real issues are whenever I am involved helps me and my company, assist our clients in their endeavors'. It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to assist my community. I thank all our clients, consultants, and government regulators for the trust that has been given to me and my company, JHAI: James Heimler, Architect, Inc., on over 2000 projects since 1985.