Follow Through

Your design team needs to be responsive to your development project. This is true on a small project and even more important on a large project. The entire design and consultant team needs to do what is stated in the agreements the client signed. Even when services keep changing the Client and design team, need to be apprised of those changes and what the new requirements are. Clients need to respond in a timely manner to changes that occur in the process of design and construction to keep a project on track. They need to understand that the contingencies are there for that purpose. Approvals of changes in design and construction need to have a system of fast response to keep the original intent of services on track.

This is all-important so the follow thru which occurs in an ever expanding basis can be accomplished. Project management needs continual follow up and follow thru. If there is non-responsive correspondence, the follow thru becomes even harder to keep up. This is when project management loses its efficiency and projects can suffer. Costs, schedules, and relationships all get tense.

Our goal at JHAI is to minimize disruptions of project management by requesting, complete follow thru from all the players on the team. This includes the Clients! A good Client is a blessing. A Client who has not accomplished projects in the past needs to understand these issues. We all want a successful project with the least of delays.

Follow Through is one of the secrets to a successful project!!