Partnerships - Red Planet Ventures RPV

I met Jon Spenser “the Wizard of Space Tourism” about 15 years ago. We each have a great passion for design and thinking “out of the box”. We believe in efficiency and care about the Planet. Through our mutual appreciation for the Planet and sustainable concepts. I was given to the opportunity to be a co-founding owner of a new company called Red Planet Ventures RPV. I accepted, and brought staff and family with me, and we have been partners ever since. Dreams do happen. Dreams can become reality. The people I have met and the brainstorming session meetings really have pushed the Red Planets limits in the brain trust we have developed.

My specific role in RPV is to keep an eye on the business practices. I also get very involved with the brainstorming sessions. I have come up with dual use design strategies for buildings and their environments. Through RPV I have met and been hired by Rocket companies and am now looking at Space Tourism Hotel complexes. I have been involved with national security issues related to math and science education and pushing for the enthusiasm kids need to go into engineering and the sciences. This all ties back to national security. The next generation requires USA engineers and scientist!

On and off planet adventures can be very stimulating. This makes for a fun, mind-expanding enterprise. The up side of this kind of involvement in life is the ever-changing design implications of each proposed project we service. It is fun to share ideas with people from all over the world!