The Carbon Taxes We Are Already Paying

This article just keeps reminding me about why one group of people or their investors make financial bets, like investing in business activities while those same activities work against others. As an example, this is true in the energy production and its use. These specific activities are changing the way our natural earth cycles work. This makes all past planning for future needs change. Our air, water, soils, and oceans are all changing. Science shows this every day. Some of the worst scenarios from a few years ago of ice sheets melting have already become a reality. Low lying lands are flooding more frequently and the oceans are rising. Countries are already planning and implementing new protections and new structural designs to prepare for the new realities.

Who is paying for all of this? In some cases the large corporations get sued and have to come up with the cash. In other cases smaller companies just go out of business. In all cases most of the money is coming out of our tax dollars. So most of the time you’re paying for the ability for many of the largest companies to support a profit margin so the CEO's can make big bucks and the stock holders get the returns on their investments. Most stocks investments are from the wealthy. So who is paying the cost of this unsustainable method of living on the planet? Who gets most of the government tax incentives? With a level playing field on true costs, renewable and sustainable energy is competitive in today's market place. But with all the government subsidies and no accounting in the current energy policy the other real cost to society is it makes the balance of energy goals slower in coming. Do we have time to wait?

I think we need to change the way the energy sector is held accountable! It needs to be fair to all our citizens. Of course the right investments need to be incorporated in all this suggested activity. You need to plan ahead. But if short term financial returns are the norm, then stock values will not get there. Plan for the 7th generation. Make those the goals of the investment market. Do everything you can now for the future of our health and environment. It costs less now than it will in the future. I do not think waiting for our representative government to realize this need and take real control of humanities need for a stable environment can wait.

Call your representative. Send emails. Let your family, friends, and business associates know your thoughts. Design and Build your life around Green sustainable investments!!!!