Summer of Loving Planet Earth

Summer 2014 is here.

Can you feel the spirit of mother earth? You should. It is your home. You share it with over 7 billion other humans and millions of other living species. Put your thoughts, time, and money, into positive actions to improve our planet. Humans need to remember that our actions affect all other living systems on this planet. Do you know what your Carbon Footprint is? Do you know what a Carbon Footprint is? Go on line to: - or to find out. See what you can do each day to reduce your impact. It could be you who is the tipping point on global warming. You can save someone else by your actions. Let’s reduce our negative effects on climate change. It could be someone in your family now or in the future that you are rescuing from the repercussions of weather change.

If you have been watching the news, feeling the effects of weather change and spending your money on buying energy, then you know things are changing. Have you worked out your energy budgets at home and work? Did you know the price of petroleum based fuels keep increasing? Electricity prices are expected to double in the next 10 years. Do you realize most electricity is generated using petroleum based fuels and lots of water. With the weather patterns changing, how many of our rivers are drying up? This makes it harder for the generation of electricity. Maybe we will have to relocate our energy creation somewhere else. If we go towards more fracking, we will just pollute the ground with untested chemicals and use tremendous amounts of water to do it. Who will be affected positively or negatively? You probably can guess the answer. How much will this cost you directly? Maybe you will see new desalinization plants along your coasts. With the investment in new technologies maybe we will be able to change our energy sources and management systems to turn back the rising of our oceans and the melting of the ice shelves. Do you really believe these changes will protect you now? I believe the change in human actions will adjust, but not as fast as the environment. I believe that everything we do now, as humans, needs to aid and slow down the climate damage and changes we helped direct, if not totally responsible for. We need to buy as much time as we can to catch up with the technology we need to change our impacts on the climate.

California is the #1 community that is in the forefront of reducing Green house gas emissions. The United States ends up following Californians lead. When making the decision to purchase products, companies need to gear their sales to the greatest common denominators. The buying public can change the way products are made and how they use natural resources including their safety levels for the planet and human consumption. We can make a difference. Fly less! Turn off your utilities when you are not using them!! Install PV systems on your property! If you have the wind to work with maybe a small wind turban can assist you in creating some energy. Buy green energy! Work closer to home! Have barbeques with your neighbors. Drive less! Eat and buy locally grown or manufactured items. Get great gas mileage on your vehicles! Vote! Talk to your circle of family and friends. Let them know how you feel. Get the word out, now! My family does almost all of these suggestions. Join us!!!

Ok, so what can you do? I have made several changes to my own home that will affect the planet when I am gone. Make changes in your personal and work life this summer that can positively affect the environment.