Lack of Consensus on Green Strategies

When I read articles like the GreenBuild 2013 Report I think back to the 1960’s and 70's when I volunteered in many community activities. Whether they were political or individual issues really did not matter. I was one of many who took to the streets to make a difference. One that would set the foundation for a paradigm shift in the way people felt and acted. The individual actions were not going to have an immediate reaction in how life was lived. Even the politicians could not promise the world, only a start of pattern change that would eventually change the way and decisions humans made.

So when the survey shows a lack of consensus on green strategies I understand it. As an Architect I feel it everyday. It is not easy to make important decisions that affect the cost, speed, and ultimate affects a project makes on the planet. But the alternate is no change in choices and not addressing global warming, poisoning our own populations and destroying what we have been given on earth.

There is a balance to making decisions that needs to be understood in immediate economic choices and for 7 generations out. Leaders make that choice as well as every human on earth. It is personal! New standards, pushed into effect by the people, will cause significant changes in everyone's life including the choices and practices made by architects and the entire design and construction team. The more you have, the more you have the ability to address the future. Architects tend to work for those that have.

Publish the results of your choices. Use them as examples. Be a leader in making the change. Consensus will always be allusive. People make choices for many reasons. Be a leader! Plan for the future! Reduce your dependence on un-healthful practices and the quantity of energy and water you consume. All choices do not have to be for a quick return on your efforts and investments.