13 Issues to Consider When Working From Home

13 Issues to Consider When Working From Home

So, everyone loves the idea of being able to work from home.

 With all issues related to IT, many issues when working from home need to be considered.

  1. A work area needs to be set up to be efficient and private. Concentration on your job is most important.
  2. The speed of your internet going in and out should be at least 44/20.
  3. Your computer system needs to be at or higher capacity on all fronts compared to the main office system to maximize speed and efficiency.
  4. All programs used need to be updated to match up with the company IT system.
  5. You will be using your smartphone a lot, keep it up to date.
  6. Using Zoom or other video conferencing you need to have a good background. Do not have windows or private things in view. Look at your lighting. Test your system.
  7. Your desk and chair need to be comfortable.
  8. Your desk space needs to be large enough to lay out your projects.
  9. Your storage system needs to match up with your office system.
  10. Having the ability to go back and forth from home to office without losing a beat needs to be considered.
  11. Following office protocol so all staff working on projects can pull up the information similarly.
  12. All filing systems need to be used and maintained as designed.
  13. Remember teamwork.


 Some firms give a stipend for employees to update the issues discussed. This is company by company. Enjoy not having to drive to work every day. Enjoy the breaks while at home. Remember to get out and be amongst other humans, safely. You do not want to become a hermit.



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