Amplify Your Message

Amplify Your Message

Having just finished 3 Zoom meetings with varying global groups all attempting to disseminate new imperative messages my thoughts on networking come to life again. The use of the IT world, using web sites and social media help get information out. This is how my company, JHAI, achieves new client opportunities and sends my messages out to the greater world. At JHAI we are now moving the social media to the next frontier by the Tweet and other platforms. I always keep informing so why not send that information out to the masses.


The article I just read talked about a Tweet about freeing up the ports with their back log of container ships. A non-activist listed 5 things the port, government, and operators could do to help free up the current log jam of container ships. The tweets got all the wat up to the governor and the white house. Rules were put in place, temporary to this need, giving the opportunity to move good at a faster pace. Low budget and effective ideas with specific. Clarity and vision can make a big difference.


Social media has the ability to be the platform of Change. Honest thoughts changing hands thought the Web provide a very fast way to new positive opportunities for all things in the human sphere. Think it out. Disseminate the information. Be sure it is practical, be on point and let it fly! The concept of 100 Monkeys really works.


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