Civic Duty Within our Democracy

Civic Duty Within our Democracy

Why is your level of community involvement important?

The world is coming together at a faster and faster pace. Nationalism is still very active in many countries and the sense of entitlement is growing. Multinational corporations are affecting our lives in many ways, and materialism is not about a good happy life. We need to relearn what makes a happy positive life. Stop the greed. Our perceived freedoms are being tested everywhere.

Having read the New Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins I was reminded again from a new angle of the importance of being educated and using that knowledge for the betterment of society locally and globally. The new dream applies to polluted waters, soil, and air; empowers hungry and starving people to feed themselves; develops transportations, communications, manufacturing, and energy systems that do not deplete resources; applies recycling and solar technologies; creates a market, banking, and exchange system that is community-oriented and not based on debt currencies or war. The desire to raise a family in an environmentally sustainable regenerative, socially just, and personally fulfilling way is the Right Way to Go! Dream of a life economy and practice it.

Review some of our earlier blogs to see what you can do to make a better future for your family, your future, your kid’s future, and all the inhabitants of Earth.

We need to dream of the best future we can. That in itself helps set us on a greater path. Do something that helps each day.


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