Economic Justice
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Economic Justice

As I have been reading, thinking, and talking to people, I am starting to get a better picture on what Economic Justice means. I am refining my financial and global perspective on how I want to live. I plan on going to group meetings to discuss these issues and find out how I can change with the times in relation to all my past community supporting activities. In the hopes of finding a new direction for my community outreach.

I have always belonged to many nonprofit groups and have been told it is best to pick just a few to stay active with. I try to tie all my efforts to the sustainability of all our life processes. This includes social justice which equates to economic justice. I have been talking about this since high school. Capitalism vs. the Planet, vs. social or economic justice is all tied together. By following trends you can see where our country is going. The disparity in income of all types is stretching our population in ever divergent trends. This is a major change from the 1960's where the income disparity was much more limited. Everyone needs to keep these discussions going and bring it to the forefront of our communications, in all formats, with all of our contacts. There are many ways to re-adjust our priorities on where we as a country put our energies and our dollars.

The trends need to be looked at over time. What politicians vote on does not show up in the trends for years. That means who you vote for is even more important than you think. You cannot just look at what the president or congress just approved or denied. You need to watch what happens over time and how each vote on a bill was influenced. Getting the facts, not just sound bites, really makes a difference. As an American you need to do your homework. It is not easy. However, with the advance in technology, using the internet and social media can make that much easier. I think voting is the game changer in how we can address these combined issues. Whether its economic, social, sustainability, healthcare, or any other inter-related issues they all come down to who and what each representative in our government actually voted for and how it really affected you. As a citizen you have taken an oath to protect our democracy. That does not mean just now but into the future. By not voting you weaken the representative government working against you own country. If you do not vote should you still have all your rights? It takes work to keep a democracy going. Everyone is needed.  Educated participation is a requirement!

Let us know you thoughts! How are you planning for the future success of our country?


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