Greenwave Conference 10

Greenwave Conference 10

Greenwave Conference 10/28/21 #6


Reflections on last year's conference. Spreading the word, getting involved, and action will sustain and project us into the future, the sustainable environmental path to assist in saving the Earth as we know it. Join the Greenwave,


Of the 100 participants, mostly the young generations, being active on campus or within companies was the theme. Intergenerational energy is sustainable. Invest in the young. I heard incredible speakers with drive and great enthusiasm. Inspirationally energy is contagious. It was great to participate. This kind of activities always energizes me. The potential energy of change is put into focus.

I believe we need to change our world culture from the bottom up. However we can have great impact decimating our knowledge, polis, and actions toward the top governance also. We need speed to achieve our one and only goal. Earth with environmental and social justice.


From the 1960’s till now I have always worked from the bottom. I have achieved success in doing this. Now I am motivated to spread the word on how to also work from the top down. Educate, motivate, engage, join, vote, use public comment periods to use your voice, and rebel are some of the options.  See the BIG Picture.


Whatever you do be sure to inform the media, TV, newspapers, magazines, social media in all its forms on what you are thinking, doing, and motivated to do. If it is not in writing it did not happen. It does not take long to develop a list for emails you can send your activities to. Some of that will stick and be used. Action needs a voice. The voice is: You. You can scale it.


A few weeks ago I was on the Zoom conference over 3 days with a 100 individual seminars put on by Milken Institute Global Conference on Oct 17, 2021 – Oct 20, 2021. You can still watch it on the web.

The presenters are the current and future players in the world. They were the government representatives, existing and up and coming companies. They are the movers and shakers. They are the bold and future investors. They talked about how the future and investment are being visioned. They are the visionaries from the top and the warriors working on future mods of life. By informing them, participating in their business models all of us can make the change at incredible speed. The times are changing at a speed never imagined, I do not believe we have a choice in this. It is reality. In the seminars I watched Social justice, earth friendly models were all of very high importance. Companies were bringing on new staff specifically to fill the past voids in mission and management, and operations. They need to information. Get it to them!


Again, involve the media in your everyday activities. Be sure your means of affective communication are up to the task. Plan it out. Use strategy, engagement, and execution to make it happen. Be specific, show passion, empathy, be transparent, engage, inform, and reiterate your mission all thinking out of the box. Words do count. There are fully integrated methods to solve our community issues. Usually they are right in front of you. Get it done!  


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