GreenWave live /summer conference - 2022

GreenWave live /summer conference - 2022

As the summer conference moved along I took down some key words that need to be integrated in ones thought process. This is a collection of words and my interpretations on Leadership.

Thanks the Glenn Hallam and his team for coordinating this amazing networking event.

  • Passion –  “I have hope” – leaders – vision- manage
  • I see a future
  • Action – make things happen
  • Connect with others – opportunity for change
  • Persistence – tell your story – mobilize – relationships
  • I believe – responsibility – create
  • Love the environment – savior the planet
  • Realize entrepreneurial energy
  • Self-motivation – command and control
  • Tell the story of the future – compelling   vision
  • Climate mitigation – values of home and work
  • Leverage to do the right thing
  • Implement values in all you do – sustainability
  • Connect the young with the older – changes
  • Giving voice to values – ask a different question
  • Once you know – how to make it happen comes next – results
  • Frame the challenge
  • Change happens – systemic issues – incremental  - your values
  • How to get the right thing done
  • Moral mussel memory – similar to physical memory from training – rehearse
  • Move forward – accept the risk – be aware – know how to act
  • Rehearse – practice – quality – do it all prior to a presentation
  • You would do what --- if? Plan ahead
  • Deviate from the norm – habits
  • Act your way into another way of thinking
  • It is all about tradeoffs in ethics, earth, time, finance – where do you stand?
  • The process of getting there
  • There are many ways to finance a project – do your homework for the short term and the long road ahead
  • Power of dialog – facilitator
  • In a conference all you need is 1 new idea and 1 new contact – that is considered a great success
  • Making sustainability solutions real
  • Leverage all opportunity – renewal – transformation
  • Obligations to re-define all aging infrastructure into the future needs now
  • Transform – it is a brave new world – social – economic – sustainable – keep these in your heart and actions
  • Look at all fundamental assumptions – integration of ideas, financing, society – no one left behind

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Economy: The uses of our human, living organism, and planet resources respectfully and efficiently.

Community: Living, supporting, and buying locally, while viewing the Earth and all its resources as part of our local community.

Sustainability: Freedom of living entities to prosper into the Earth’s future while following Economy and Community protocol.

The chant, mantra, or branding of ECS works. It energies’. It is short and to the point. Spread the message and amplify it. Let’s get our community, Earth beings excited and activated to make the change, to vote in the best interest of the future of mankind and Earth!


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