It is what I do as an Architect. I take a specific project site and all the conditions that affect it, dream up an idea, and assist our clients in making the idea come to fruition. We initiate the process. We schedule it. We coordinate it. The design process is continually being molded through this process of initiation. When someone comes to us for a design they expect us to come up with an idea that will meet or exceed their goals. We have to be brave and give our clients the truth.  We present an idea to our clients and the public that we believe is the appropriate response for the client, site, and community. The process of initiation develops into the act of presentation. The presentation of the idea is the first glimpse of what can be. It is the initial idea or ideas that respond to all the requirements and governing ordinances that affect a site and its intended use.

There is a game plan on who knows what, when they know it, how it gets presented, when the important dates need to be met, and which design consultants' need to be brought in as extended advisors to the design process. Each participant needs to be aware of the initial intent and be willing and able to meet these specifics for each project. Being an initiator also means following up on what we’ve started. . At JHAI our tenaciousness is what people keep talking about. We do not give up on the initial goals of a project. We fight for it! The completed project is all the proof you need. Quality of design and the meeting of our clients' goals plus the quantity of our completed projects, attest to our success as the initiator!


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