JHAI Leadership Hitting the Target

JHAI Leadership Hitting the Target

Game planning upfront and following through with it is the first step in the management of a project. This plan needs to stay flexible. It needs to be adjusted as the job and payments come into the office. A change in scope, timing, consultants, slow payments, and government issues all affect the game plan. For an office to succeed you need to keep all these in mind and work accordingly.

Stepping up, being direct, and forward-thinking is a requirement. As tacticians, we are always involved with Strategic Planning for all activities related to the forward movement of a project and the office. The office strategies relate to employment, finances, education, state of mind, and communication. With all the new electronic issues, we need to stay educated and move with the general trends in architecture. As the Facilitator, we disseminate all this information as we move along with each project. Some of this is done electronically, but we still appreciate the direct communication with our team in person. With COVID that has been slowed down. All the management issues are interconnected, just as the projects are interconnected to the community. We need to keep addressing these issues with all types of our clients. Our experience really helps with this office procedure. Staff, clients, consultants, and government all have their own way of these interactions and at JHAI we attempt to stay nimble, flexible, and educated to be of service.

We deal with all the issues that come up in an upfront way. We do not avoid tough issues, we bring them to light. We rally at those challenges and do not let issues overwhelm us. Big or small thorns, we keep ongoing. Sometimes a shift in perception or perspective affects changes in our game plan. With all of our experience, we do have something special. We are not your normal type of office. We are not small or big. We just take on many challenging projects and have been very successful in doing that. We pivot, we push, and we fight. This is done all for our clients.

We still want to create something extraordinary. That has to be kept in perspective to the specific project we are servicing. Each project is a priority. Securing many projects keeps the doors open for the long haul, providing our clients the opportunity to use our knowledge base while we are still young and active. Our client’s ideas and their experience are added to our knowledge base with respect and follow through. We stay cool and persistent, and we are deliberate in our actions.

Each moment is a teachable experience and we strive to continually grow. Teachable moments are passed on to our staff and we maintain each project’s history so they can be pulled up for future similar projects. Crisis leads to new opportunities, moving us into a new action. We are very good at finding ways around many issues that could stop a project. Keeping the project moving, the game plan tempo assists in accomplishing our goals. You need to be really energetic to seize the moment and push. We craft our mental spirit into our practice.

Our hearts and soul go into our professional activity. Dignity, strength, and courage are all a requirement. This is true of all team members. Our crafted spirit is what makes this fun. Each project becomes a new opportunity at staying humble, yet aggressive. Leadership from the bottom up is needed. That is what we strive for at JHAI!


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