Markus Aurelius – Meditations

Markus Aurelius – Meditations

I keep reading the Humanities books interspersed with all other type books. This helps me slow down. It helps me understand societal patterns and the individuals who make up our cultures.


I am including my interpretation on a few of the Markus Aurelius - Meditation statements overlapped with my thoughts.


  1. The important thing in living is Virtue and the exercising one’s virtue, of living according to reason, all that really counts is good will and doing ones duty which is the universal obligation which reason sets upon us all.
  2. That which is useful is the better.
  3. Maintain your judgment without arrogance.
  4. Thoughts should not turn away from what should concern an intelligent being and a member of a civil community.
  5. What king of service do you value and practice in relation to the whole and that which is for mankind.
  6. Understand the things divine and human for every act including the smallest.
  7. Let your behavior be like this in all spheres of life. Let us overlook many things in those who are only like antagonists. For that is in our power. Get out of their way. Feel no hatred.
  8. There is only one fruit of this earthy life, a pious disposition and social acts.
  9. Hold fast to the principals of art and do not depart from them. Is it not strange that an architect or a physician should have more respect for the principals of his art than a man for his own life of reason?
  10. Consider frequently the connection of all things in the universe and their relation to one another.
  11. When obstructed in your own path resign yourself in contentment and make use of that obstruction to exercise another virtue.
  12. It is in your power to restore yourself to life. Look at things again as you once looked at them, for this will bring you renewed life.
  13. As a rational being and a member of a system, do well for its own sake. If you are not disposed that way, do well merely as politeness.
  14. Keep your eyes fixed steady on your business remembering to be a good man.
  15. That which is good must be useful. A good man has ever repented of having refused any sensual pleasure. Pleasure is neither good nor useful.
  16. In all things, see what the proper nature is and use each according to its value.
  17. In contentment when hitting an obstacle, see the new opportunity of action and move ahead. “It sounds just like how I practice life”.
  18. Simple and modest is the work of philosophy. Draw me not aside to intolerance and pride.
  19. Fidelity, modesty,   truth, law.
  20. So too a man when he is separated from another man has fallen off from the whole social community.
  21. In justice all other virtues have their foundation.
  22. As to the perfecting of life, this power in the soul, and it grows by being indifferent towards things which are indifferent.
  23. Take away these opinions and resolve to dismiss your judgement and acts as if they were something grievous.
  24. This is why my architectural trainer, Robert Marks - Architect, never critiqued my work. He only asked questions as to why.
  25. For he who yields to pain and anger are wounded?
  26. Respect your actions and be careful that your actions be made to regards to circumstance and consistent with social interest and having societal value.
  27. If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, don’t say it.
  28. Do all with simplicity. Pride which is proud of its wants of pride is the most intolerable of all.
  29. Art is long. Life is short. (Hippocrates)
  30. Anyone who would be a citizen needs only understanding, zeal for the right, energy, perseverance, fortitude, and resolution in facing the trials of the road.
  31. Make sure that those to whom you come nearest be happier by your presence.


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