Architects are known for their high level of Ego. It’s their way or not. We need to have confidence but not be delusional. We need a true understanding of what we can do and we need to be realistic. If we lose touch with ourselves how can we help others in their endeavors?


It is said a leader should not give reasons for their thoughts or actions until one must. The power of following through with an idea takes courage and fortitude. Knowing what’s in my head and what direction I need to take for me and my clients has a reason. Usually, it would take longer to explain than just doing it. Almost all my clients end up doing what my first concepts are. So why go through the process of explaining, testing actions when they just revert to my gut. Am I that good? No! But I do have great intuition. That has worked for me on the thousands of projects I have been involved with. It works for my life just as well. That is my talent. It does not make me feel any better than others. It does however make me, personally, very effective with my time management and achieving whatever goals are set before me.


Working within my client’s mission and being deliberate with purposeful direction is how I work. My passion for reality and function directs the forms designed. The function is what I go after. It comes from the goals or purpose of the endeavor being taken. That is the art of what I do. Working from a clear path eventually gets the results. My company’s organization is based on similar energies and the desire for personal and professional growth. Our identity is tied to our actions based on the continual growth within the office and beyond. We work for others, not for ourselves. It is your project, not ours. We play the long game.  


Our values are what drive us. We know we are tied to the interconnectedness of the universe. We focus our will to achieve your dreams with discipline. We humbly approach each project and issue as they come up. Perseverance is the game. Our standards contribute to the victory of completed projects. It’s all on the team. We focus on the execution. We look for symptoms of disorganization at all levels and adjust. We come together to achieve a collective goal. It is not one person, it is the teaming.






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