Going above and beyond the primary scope of architectural services usually cannot be seen as you proceed through a project. You see it once built and then the appreciation enters your mind. If you are a first time client or a fully seasoned development machine the end result for you on the quality of the design, schedule, budgets, users efficiency, maintenance, flexibility all come down to the pride in which services are rendered. To achieve all the parameters at a high level is not easy, especially in these times of ever changing processes, communications, government restrictions, financing issues, and many other parameters. Having the stamina and strength of repeated leadership roles, team playing can be a lot to digest for anyone.

I and my company, JHAI, are truly engaged in assisting our clients to maximize their specific goals in achieving a successful project, one at a time. Each project is unto itself and treats with extreme care and follow up. We want a successful project as much or more than each of our clients. Without the success of each project we could lose a lot of credibility. Our success rate is close to 100% on over 2000 projects and hundreds of clients. Each project gives us the tools to do even better the next time for we do not believe in just maintaining our current abilities but we want to expand on our ability to lead. The" Architect" is the conductor of the whole design team in most cases. Each project leads to another opportunity to exceed our client’s expectations. Understanding each team member’s expectations is very important to how each participant views the project during its active phases and at project close out.

Jim Heimler's activities going back to the 1960's have helped push the environmental movement into the future. His roles in non-profit organizations have improved the environment, national security, health, parks, affordable housing, and education all in their small way. Without the support of our clients many of those issues would not have freed him up to be part of the processes at the level he has committed himself. Each person does what they can. Being part of our team is being part of those energies committed to achieving a cleaner, healthier, and sustainable society. Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of our communities are the guiding principles of being an Architect. We believe in the greater vision, being pro-active, toward those issues while getting the best bang for the buck for our clients.

We take great pride in knowing we have given our all on each project. The issues related to one type of project can really assist the development of another. These types of opportunities can be very exciting and provide our clients with a leg up on similar type projects. When we go home after work, we know how we have added value to our client’s portfolios. We know we were not lazy and provided a high level of service to our clients. We know when we retire and are rocking on the front porch watching the world cycle by, that we gave our all to what we did for our clients, society, and the earth and feel good about it.  I am told that the definition of Pride is a job well done, happy clients, repeated clients, friends, being part of others dreams, memories, confidence, great leadership and being the go to person that people count on. Pride!!!


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