Shahnameh, the Epic of the Persian Kings by Ferdowsi

Shahnameh, the Epic of the Persian Kings by Ferdowsi

I was eating at a Persian restaurant, the Wish Dish Café, and I got to talking with the host. He was telling me about a book that really affected him. It was about the history of Kings in Iran. As we talked about Stoic responses to life and training he said I should read the book. I bought it.

I am still amazed that history repeats itself. The sages say the same things after having lived life.

Here are some passages for the direction in life.

  • Do not chase worldly goods and wealth. It is much better that a man avoid harming others as he lives on the Earth.
  • When you are made King, adopt the humility of a slave.
  • All that remains from us is our deeds. So, deviate not from the path of the righteous.
  • Only the unwise pass their time without reflection.
  • For the glory of having fought is greater than the disgrace of having been beaten.
  • Sedate your passion and temper your greed.
  • Rain in the demon of excess in the world and only in the path of justice proceed.
  • The future is no more real than the wind.
  • Be generous and resist the temptation of wealth.
  • The point is to live in the light of reason while we are alive.

Many of the points sound familiar. See past posts from architects and stoics.

Know what is important in life, especially as you age and see what really is important to you.

Peace to all and live with a steady hand.


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