2021 Space Tourism Conference

2021 Space Tourism Conference

Jim is the co-founder of a few other companies beyond JHAI. One of those Is Red Planet Ventures. The Founder is John Spencer, a space architect. Why does he get involved with projects so different from what we do at JHAI? For Jim, it is only natural.

So from 4/28-4/29/21, he attended the Space Tourism Conference held over Zoom. The idea of visioning of humanity is part of who he is! Hearing about the future from the most active people in space action is mind-expanding.

Here are a few words and thoughts expressed in the last few days.

  • The future and the very rich are now investing in experiences, not things.
  • The USA is poised as in 1920 and 1935 to expand its reach to invest in the USA future. Remember the roaring 20; and the new middle class from the 1950s all with government support. That is how parents could afford to buy a home and go to the university.
  • Find your footing in this new paradigm of our civilization.
  • Upscale your abilities.
  • Know how to deal with scarcity, be flexible, plan ahead.
  • Be an Ambassador for humanity for life, for your company!
  • We can do it together.
  • Know you are correct by science, engineering, and the facts.
  • Inclusivity is the new norm.
  • Go with immersive design.
  • Know how to do it.
  • “We are on a module of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” Earth!
  • Your banding, company, and what you do personally is your Brand.
  • There are 5-10 seconds to get your thoughts out with your audience’s interest and attention.
  • Relationships!
  • Get timely results. Know the levers.
  • Design – What does it feel like? The experience!
  • One of John Spencer’s designs is for Orbital Yachts.
  • Push the envelope.
  • There is a shift in consciousness. Whom do you want to be on Earth?
  • We are all visual people.
  • We are tribal now and heading toward Global and then Spatial as in space living being. With weightlessness, even our biology will change. It happens very fast when you are in space. Weeks make a difference in anatomy.
  • The Human earth system – when will we hit the Omega Point?
  • Be early, ahead of the pack. Be visionary from the start. Be a kid at heart!
  • Evolution + Life adaptability. That is nature at work. We need to maintain genetic diversity.
  • What do you identify with? There are paradigm shifts in behavior.
  • Spiritual experience is an identity shift.
  • Why do we chase beautiful things? It is for pleasure. That is why we do it.



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