Strike Force Architecture

Strike Force Architecture

Over the last 40 plus years working as an architect, my team and I feel as if we are Soldiers. A knight of the round table puts on armor with lance and heads into the fray. They would follow their leader’s direction to reach the King’s goals. In current times the Navy Seals or army Rangers do the same thing.

Our clients are our Kings. We want to achieve the best results on all fronts for our Clients. We go out into the world making continuous decisions, leading teams of design infantry, working around each different community rule as set up for our communities by the leadership. Each action, choice, and communication leads to the next confrontation, good or bad. New situations occur, and flexibility of body and mind are needed. We have to maneuver around, though, and deal with the art of our profession on every issue. We usually interpret the responsible choices correctly. The varying administrative leadership entities still might have a different interpretation. We have to work with them while still representing our King, our Client. Returning from our encounters, sorties, with society leader we have to give the true results of our wins, new opportunities, and defeats.


We must remain true and honorable throughout our professional lives as a true Knight Errand. Talk about fighting windmills. We do it every day, by choice.


The protection we have is our honor, our experience, our confidence.


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