The Architect Philosopher

The Architect Philosopher

I have finished reading multiple books on Stoics going back over 2000 years. I have some thoughts that might apply to others. If you believe in shared purpose and shared missions for those living on earth these thoughts might apply to you. They are just thoughts of the ages.


Be active in life. Prepare for the future. This relates to your career, your job, and your personal future. Prepare for setbacks.

Be prepared to face adverse situations. Endure the uncomfortable. Craft your spirit with mental practice. Love new opportunities with a smile.

With adversity comes opportunity. Embrace it. Everything is a teachable moment. Conquer the chance at something new that lifts you up. Make the world a better place.

Follow your moral compass in all choices. Everything experienced in life is an opportunity. Be part of the civic backbone. Deal in honesty. Keep others in your thought and strive to help them. You have it good. There is a right way to live.


Claim adversity. Grow with it. Life is fluid. Aim for the target, and the goals of your company, community, team, and your self. Seize control of the tempo. Lead! Plan ahead so when the decisions are needed you are prepared. Meditate for the outcome. Probe for weakness. You are your own worst enemy. You can learn how to get out of your own way, I sure work on that every day. Press forward, look to the future and appreciate the present. Crisis brings opportunity which directs your actions. Balance fear with risk and your dreams. Be deliberate. Strive, seek, and find your direction. Steer your choices.


Become the owner of your life. Be pragmatic, flexible, and true. Make something beautiful. Work toward perfection, but do not expect it. Shift your perceptions. Use your vision, determination, and energy. Learn to use the community as a resource to extend that energy. Be intuitive. Create something new and exciting. Focus those energies.


Command your life’s direction. Life can be extraordinary!



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