Who will be our next client?
Do You Have a Dream Home?

Who will be our next client?

JHAI searches for clients who seek a special home, place of business or investment, or who have conceived of innovative design ideas to create that perfect environment that will truly inspire their lives in multiple ways. Applying our love of design as demonstrated by strategic special arrangements and an integrative approach, we bring clients’ dreams to fruition. The sustainable, cradle-to-cradle implementation of our designs along with the right the building materials combine to tailor a project outcome that has been uniquely customized for you and your goals. Taking our built environment to another level is the JHAI vision.

After 50 years of studying architecture in natural and built environments, I know how to navigate this always-evolving field to produce results that you have only dreamed of. And it may seem surprising but even after all this time I’m still passionate about this profession. On a job site or participating in consultations and design meetings, people often comment that they can see how much I love what I do.

Give me your torch, and let me run with your dream. JHAI will guide you through a dynamic, exciting and even a spiritual experience, from design to construction to move-in. What matters most to us is that the completed project exceeds your expectations, expands the realm of sustainable and progressive architecture, and serves as an example for others to study.

 At JHAI, we believe that the build environment can be a catalyst for a better community, a better Earth and a better future. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote: “We must think through the principles we want to live by.” It’s true that individual conscience is very personal, and we answer our moral questions by creating our own moral values. If your inner voice is telling you to create a space that contributes to your own and others’ well-being, you sound like our next client!


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