silhouette of man holding a stack of books on a tray

Why I Write Practice Management Blogs

There is no better way to think about practice management issues than to write them down. I used to keep many Post-it notes around to remind me what to tell staff as issues came up. Recently, I have compiled them onto one list and have started reviewing them. In the process, I am not just talking to my staff but also putting the issues down in our website blog posts. This is my way of stressing the issues talked about within my office.

I am always attempting to share what I learn with the greater world. As people find our JHAI website they can now hear what we are actively talking about within the office. I do study all aspects of architecture continuously and have decided to share that knowledge through our blogs, I hope they remind folks of important issues in daily life and how these actions can affect office life.

Our shared knowledge can assist all in expanding their abilities. Let us all grow together. Knowledge is strength, and strength can lead to freedom.