Zeilon Residence

Zeilon Residence

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This new infill property 1 block off the beach in Oxnard incorporated 2 stories, both being able to be used by the family independently. This started out as a traditional beach house then based on our final presentation the owner decided to go Modern. Massing, recesses, varying roof parapets, continuity of building materials were all specifically designed to create a flowing set of forms and protected opening opportunities. This home is designed using passive cooling concepts, PV panels, natural light entering the interior of the home, and sustainable materials. All main rooms open onto a patio or deck and the roof access by a 2nd story spiral stair that leads to a small deck for ocean viewing. The master bedroom sitting area was specifically located at the location on the 2nd floor having a view of the ocean. To minimize circulation paths the entry is recessed in the middle of the home along the side yard. The rear of the home opens up to a street walk that leads directly to the beach.


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