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When “Passion” is mentioned along with one’s occupation, the person mentioning it always has a smile on their face. This is what people tell me all the time. "We see that you love what you do." 

”Your passion for achieving our goals can be seen just by watching how you go about the design, especially while on a site walk". “You really love what you do". I would be the one with a big smile on my face.


The Producer role is like the developer. They put the entire package together. We put the design, team, budget, and schedule together in real terms from the start of a project investigation all the way through to the design, production, construction, and if needed the commissioning of a project. We act as the producer, manager, conductor, designer, shrink, advisor, researcher, project, construction manager, government approval facilitator, expeditor, lobbyist, and any other role that is needed.  Whatever the client wants to do on their own is taken off our list of responsibilities. The more the client wants us involved, the more we can assist in keeping all aspects of the project on track.


We make it happen! We get the job done. We have invested in a great deal of education and research in our almost 30 years of business. With the knowledge we have on so many types of projects, it has given us the tools to respond to a tremendous amount of opportunity. We have learned to communicate with all of our clients enabling us to get the job done. To accomplish the completion of a built project JHAI functions as the designer, the project manager, and the businessman. Each of these is independently required to pull off a built project while meeting client goals. Our level of success is close to 100%, not counting projects put on hold by clients.


It is what I do as an Architect. I take a specific project site and all the conditions that affect it, dream up an idea, and assist our clients in making the idea come to fruition. We initiate the process. We schedule it. We coordinate it. The design process is continually being molded through this process of initiation. When someone comes to us for a design they expect us to come up with an idea that will meet or exceed their goals. We have to be brave and give our clients the truth.  We present an idea to our clients and the public that we believe is the appropriate response for the client, site, and community. The process of initiation develops into the act of presentation. The presentation of the idea is the first glimpse of what can be. It is the initial idea or ideas that respond to all the requirements and governing ordinances that affect a site and its intended use.

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Go Solar, California! Campaign

Who is going to be the next entity going solar? 

Do you have sun access most of the day, year round? If so check out all the different programs out there and see if it makes sense now. Be sure to see what the utility companies and federal, state, and cities are offering for incentives now or are anticipating in the near future. If you do not find anything that works for you to Go Solar then talk to your legislators and utility companies and ask them to put in place a program that would work for you. There are many options. You can buy or lease a Photovoltaic System to put on your home or place of business. There are many companies that do that now. Go Solar, California! just recently released a report that shows how easily our solar goals can be reached if we keep letting our city and government officials know how important this is. Los Angeles County has seriously considered adding a strong solar goal to their sustainability plan. This is huge!


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