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Green Wisdom, Inc.

Green Wisdom, Inc.

Why do I help start sustainable and green companies?


My life’s passion is protecting nature, the Earth, all through environmental and social justice. 20 years ago this opportunity presented itself as a ricochet from another group I am a co-sponsor on. The ability I have, so I want to use it.  Helping communities at all levels from a building to the master city-community plan is what I enjoy. Each project also provides the future opportunity for new opportunities. It works in a circular pattern. Either way it all makes me feel good.


Equality – Black Lives Matter – Higher Power

Equality – Black Lives Matter – Higher Power

I just finished reading Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks. This historical Novel by Russel Banks son of John Brown threw some more passion into my thinking. John Brown’s son, Owen Brown, gives his thoughts on his own mind and that of what he experienced growing up, living, and being side by side with his father, one of the most active of Abolitionists.

Greenwave Conference 10

Greenwave Conference 10

Greenwave Conference 10/28/21 #6


Reflections on last year's conference. Spreading the word, getting involved, and action will sustain and project us into the future, the sustainable environmental path to assist in saving the Earth as we know it. Join the Greenwave,


Of the 100 participants, mostly the young generations, being active on campus or within companies was the theme. Intergenerational energy is sustainable. Invest in the young. I heard incredible speakers with drive and great enthusiasm. Inspirationally energy is contagious. It was great to participate. This kind of activities always energizes me. The potential energy of change is put into focus.

Designing from the Soul

I just finished reading Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451.

In his comments, he said a few things that rang true to me. Being a humanist never hurts. It just makes you think before you act. This is like “Seeing with your Eyes Wide Open”.

JHAI Named one of the Best Industrial Architects in Los Angeles, California

Recently JHAI was named one of the Best Industrial Architects in Los Angeles, California by We believe our over 35 years of experience, and 3,600 projects make us qualified to appear amongst some of the esteemed architects on the list. Feel free to browse the Industrial section on our website to view some of the projects we have completed, and give us a call to discuss your future project!

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