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Designing from the Soul

I just finished reading Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451.

In his comments, he said a few things that rang true to me. Being a humanist never hurts. It just makes you think before you act. This is like “Seeing with your Eyes Wide Open”.

JHAI Named one of the Best Industrial Architects in Los Angeles, California

Recently JHAI was named one of the Best Industrial Architects in Los Angeles, California by We believe our over 35 years of experience, and 3,600 projects make us qualified to appear amongst some of the esteemed architects on the list. Feel free to browse the Industrial section on our website to view some of the projects we have completed, and give us a call to discuss your future project!

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Why Professional Fee Increases are Necessary

No one wants to pay higher professional fees for the services they need. Everyone would like to pay less. Professionals would like to charge less. However, professional services with knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate folks need to be around when they are needed. As expenses go up, those services need to adjust. At JHAI we have not raised our fees in over 8 years. We have just had a reduction in income, which makes getting through the COVID-19 crisis even harder. We have taken a close look at our reduced income and are preparing to have a fee increase across the board.

JHAI Named one of the 23 Best Los Angeles Architects

Recently JHAI (James Heimler, Architect, Inc.) was named one of the 23 Best Los Angeles Architects by We are truly honored to be ranked on this list and believe our many years of experience in Architectural planning and design qualifies us to successfully guide your project from beginning to end!

The Folly of Style

Form follow function is the standby for all architectural styles as noted by Louis Sullivan. Less is more was stated by Mies van der Rohe.

In Custom Builder, (by Duo Dickinson, 2/21) it is noted Folly of Style goes back to motivation. The Traditional style is noted as evil, while Modern architecture is more fascist. They note that beauty is both universally felt and individually perceived. Neither has anything to do with style. We begin to live our values but are clueless about what the outcomes may be.


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