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Wide Open Eyes

It sounds like a song. I will write it someday. Planning for the future, with knowledge.

The future is the next step. How does that apply to an architect’s office?

JHAI named Best Residential Architect in Ventura, California

Recently, James Heimler, Architect, Inc. was named one of the Best Residential Architects in Ventura, California by Home Builder Digest. 

13 Issues to Consider When Working From Home

13 Issues to Consider When Working From Home

So, everyone loves the idea of being able to work from home.

 With all issues related to IT, many issues when working from home need to be considered.

Civic Duty Within our Democracy

Why is your level of community involvement important?

The world is coming together at a faster and faster pace. Nationalism is still very active in many countries and the sense of entitlement is growing. Multinational corporations are affecting our lives in many ways, and materialism is not about a good happy life. We need to relearn what makes a happy positive life. Stop the greed. Our perceived freedoms are being tested everywhere.



How does a middle size architectural firm stay in business through thick and this?

 The answer is staying open for new clients and project types. You need to be open to seeing the future and responding to the current and future markets. If you have a few clients then keep it going. If you rely on a non-ending flow of new work with many different clients then flexibility is the key. Staff, office space, business practices, insurance all need to be designed for that effort.


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